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Church Vision

Following the first-ever church service of Spirit and Truth Fellowship of Knoxville on February 13, 2011, Pastor David Spakes made an hour-length presentation that describes in detail the vision for this church. The full presentation is available for viewing below in five parts. Here is a link to the playlist on Facebook.

Part 1: Who Are Skeptics?

The first step to comprehending the church's mission is to understand who it is that we are here to serve. Part 1 explores what it means to be a skeptic. There is a famous skeptic mentioned in the Bible: can you name him? As you watch this part of the video, you might discover that you are also a skeptic.

Part 2: Presenting the Gospel

The Bible is a message of good news for everyone, but far too often it is presented in a way that skeptics find offensive. The Biblical standard for belief can seem to fall short of the expectations of skeptics, so how does one lead a skeptic "believe?" Watch this part of the video and learn what is the right way and the wrong way to present the gospel.

Part 3: Past and Present Conflict

For nearly 500 years, the attitude of churches in general has been one of disdain or even hostility towards skeptics of all types. What good has come from this conflict? More importantly, how can the church repair the damage that has been done? Watch this part of the video to discover how the church should move forward and what sort of results should we expect.

Part 4: Let's Get Practical

What does the Bible have to say about science? What does mutual respect mean (and not mean) for church members? Watch this part of the video for the surprising answers to these questions.

Part 5: Go Go Go!

God is cheering us onward! So what are we going to do? Watch this final part of the video to find out how Spirit and Truth Fellowship of Knoxville will begin to accomplish its mission to serve skeptics and to exemplify what it means to have a right relationship with God.

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