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Science Café

Spirit and Truth Fellowship of Knoxville (STFK) is a member of the NOVA scienceNOW community and proudly sponsors Science Café events for the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

The STFK Science Café has been meeting monthly since April, 2011 to promote science interest and education. We begin each meeting by watching a 10-minute NOVA video about a science topic. This is followed by a Q&A discussion in which attendees have their questions answered by a guest scientist. This is a casual, fun, engaging dialog for adults and mature teenagers. Children age 5-12 are welcome at attend with their parents, and we will keep them busy at Kid's Café with a science lesson and activities that help make learning science fun!

Participants can also attend virtually through Zoom. We are currently using the free Zoom account, which limits the number of participants to 100. Therefore, we will send out the meeting invitation to those who RSVP on a first-come first-served basis.

Please RSVP by sending an e-mail message to If you plan to attend in person, please specify "in person" and indicate separately the number of adults and the number of children age 5-12 in your group. If you plan to attend virtually, please specify "virtual" in your message so we can add you to the list of persons who will receive the Zoom meeting invitation.

Please make plans to attend! If you have any questions, we have a special e-mail address set up,

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