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Related Ministries and Outside Resources

This page contains links to other churches, Christian ministries, and outside resources that similar in purpose or related in some way to the work of Spirit and Truth Fellowship of Knoxville (STFK).

Faith and Fandom: "Finding God In Geek Culture"

This is the ministry of Hector Miray, Location Pastor at Vertical Church in Lumberton, North Carolina. Faith & Fandom is a book series of devotional essays on Faith & Geek Culture, Bible studies on Video Games, Comic Books, Anime, Manga, Superheroes, TV, Movies, and Pop Culture at large. He also does a Faith & Fandom podcast and makes comicon appearances.

On Saturday, February 17, 2018, STFK was introduced to Hector when we had adjacent booths and the Knox Nerd event in Knoxville, Tennessee pictured below (click to enlarge).

First Meeting

On Sunday, November 17, 2019, Hector led the Praise & Worship at STFK's church service before the second day of the Marble City Comicon in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Faith & Fandom Official Web Site
Hector Miray's Facebook Page

First Heavy Metal Church of Christ (FHMCC)

This is a non-denomination church located in Dayton, Ohio, where Brian Smith is the Senior Pastor. STFK and FHMCC may appear to be very different on the surface, but we share core, Bible-based values. This quote from the church's home page equally describes STFK:

Our congregation consists of people from all walks of life and age groups. We don't care what you wear because we just want you there! Our Church has no racial, ethnic or social status barriers and we could care less about your past or present life. We only care about your FUTURE life in Christ! Most people want God in their lives, but think they must clean up first before coming to Christ... You don't clean up before you jump in the shower, do you? God wants you EXACTLY the way you are at this very moment. As long as you actively seek God, He will actively seek you, and the Holy Spirit will gently clean you up along the way.

STFK and FHMCC also share a common set of critics and detractors. STFK reaches out to the students of science and the fans of science fiction. FHMCC extends a hand to heavy metal fans and riders of the open road. Some Christians (including some other pastors and some other entire churches) who exude a Pharisee attitude are equally repulsed by our individual church's attempts to reach out to both groups.

On the weekend of February 27-28, 2021, STFK was overjoyed to work together with FHMCC in a combined ministry outreach. Also, we were pleased to welcome TJ (a young minister in training at FHMCC) to share his testimony during STFK's Sunday morning Singing Service. Four people accepted Jesus as their personal Savior over that weekend!

FHMCC Official Web Site
The Pharisee Re-education Hour (VLOG episode on YouTube)


Outlaw Church

This is a non-denomination church located in Bristol, Tennessee, where Stephen Semones is the Pastor. STFK and Outlaw Church share a desire to "bring the gospel of Jesus to the unchurched, the needy, the broken, the hurt, and the unloved." STFK also believes in "ministering to people right where they are and simply show that Jesus loves them."

Pastor Semones is an author who has offered his books for sale at some of the same fan conventions where STFK attends for outreach. We met at the Fanboy Expo in 2014 when his vendor booth was directly across the aisle from STFK's booth (see wide-angle photo below). The following link launches a video from 2018 in which he walks the vendor floor at Yama-Con. At 3 minutes and 45 seconds into the video, he comes to STFK's promotion table and speaks with Pastor and Sheila Spakes.

Outlaw Church Official Web Site
LIVE at Yama-Con Day Two!!! (2018 on Facebook)


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