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Andrew Wommack..."Is this him?"


Last night, Sheila and I had dinner with some good friends who were speaking very highly of a preacher named Andrew Wommack. This morning when I woke up, I was flipping through channels looking for the morning news and just happened to see his name on the screen. "Is this him?," I thought to myself. I decided to watch.

Yes, it was him, and I just shook my head as the first words that came out of his mouth were, "you can't be a disciple of Jesus Christ" if you believe in "long earth stuff." To make sure that I was not hearing his words out of context, I listened to the rest of the program and also Part 1 of his "Applying Discipleship to Creation" series at I heard correctly. According to Andrew Wommack, if you believe in any version of the Genesis account other than one that specifies six literal 24-hour periods, you are destined for Hell. Sigh.

This is precisely why Spirit and Truth Fellowship exists. The salvation of a person's soul is dependent on one thing and one thing only: we must believe that God raised Jesus from the dead and publicly declare that we have made Jesus Christ the Lord of our life (Romans 10:9-10). The Lord's concern for us is that we grow to perfection in our love of God and in loving our neighbor, not in how we understand the history of the universe. We should glorify God by crediting Him for the existence of all things, because He is the Creator. But how He created? has no bearing on a person's eligibility to enter into relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Sorry, Andy.

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