Kid's Place

Children are very important to us at Spirit and Truth Fellowship. Kidís Place is a loving, caring and safe environment where children can learn about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit through Bible stories, lessons, singing, and hands on activities. We strive to make this place fun and exciting for children so they will want to learn. We are very passionate about teaching your children, loving on them, and making them feel special.

Kids Place is held in our childrenís rooms during our worship services. Kidís Place serves children age birth through 5th grade. There will be classes for each age group with age-appropriate activities geared for that specific age group.

Safety is vital in childrenís ministry so we will have a secure check-in for each child. When the child is checked in, they will receive two labels (one to go on the child and one for the parent). Both labels will have an identification number that can be communicated to the parents if we need to reach the parent during the service. In addition to this, all of our volunteers are interviewed and a background check is run on each volunteer.

Kidís Place will also include special events such as kidís musicals, special dramas, and Vacation Bible School.

If you have any questions regarding Kidís Place, please contact Childrenís Ministries Director, Sheila Spakes, at

Kid's Café

Kidís Café is a companion program for the STFK Science Café. It is a place where children ages 5 to 12 can explore science concepts by watching short videos and participating in fun, age-appropriate activities.

The goal of the Kidís Café is to get children interested in learning about science, and here is how we hope to accomplish this goal at each meeting. The children start out in the same room with the adults at the Science Café during the snack time and through the opening video. After the video, the guest expert for the Science Café is introduced, and we offer the children the opportunity to ask him or her one question (if they are not too shy). Afterward, the children are dismissed to an adjacent room where the Kidís Café has its own separate activities. Meanwhile, the parents enjoy an adult-level science discussion with a real scientist. At the end of the evening when parents and children go home, they will have an excellent opportunity to enjoy good quality time together as they share with each other about what they learned.

We hope to have some special speakers for our Kidís Café come in to talk to the children regarding their area of science expertise on the childrenís level. We are currently looking for individuals who might be interested in doing this.

Safety will be handled in the same manner as it is in our Kidís Place. Our volunteers will also be interviewed and background checks run on each volunteer. Our Kidís Café will be monitored by our volunteers when special speakers come in to speak as well.

If you have any questions regarding Kidís Café, please contact Kidís Café Director, Sheila Spakes, at

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